Tranquileyes® Basic Kit with Instants (by Tranquileyes)

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If you suffer from dry, tired, or itchy red eyes, this starter kit can offer immediate relief in just a few minutes.

The patented tranquileyes® Basic (Blue) with Instants comes with our one-of-a-kind Instants gel packs, which provide up to 100 moist-heat treatments of 15-18 minutes each.

The Instants are totally self-activating, taking only a few seconds to reach the perfect temperature for moist-heat delivery. They’re great for an easy remedy to your dry eye problems, whether you’re at home or on the road. You don’t need a microwave or hot water to use them - just snap the metal disc inside the gel a few times, then watch as they turn solid, radiating soothing heat.

The Instants do need to be reset, but it’s as simple as dropping the gel packs in boiling water, then leaving them for a few minutes.

There are plenty of benefits to using tranquileyes® with Instants. The moist heat is gentle, helping release oils from the meibomian glands. This slows evaporation of natural tears, as well as improving general hydration around your eyes. As an added bonus, the goggles are designed with your comfort in mind, so the treatment can be highly relaxing.

Heat therapy is only one use for the Instants. The gel packs can be placed in the freezer, then used for cold treatments that reduce inflammation and puffiness around your sensitive eye area. By using tranquileyes® with Instants, you get the best of both worlds for a comprehensive, easy-to-use dry eye treatment.

 included in the kit:

    One original tranquileyes® goggles (in color of choice)
    One set of blue Instants thermoeyes™
    One set of white thermoeyes™ sponges
    One net bag for washing/drying